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The Best Countries to Live for Online Casino Players

Why do some casino players emigrate? What are the best countries for online casino players? Everything you need to know before moving to another country to play online casinos safely is here.

If you are an online casino player looking to make big money, you should know where you want to live. There are many factors you need to consider. You need to find a country that allows you to enjoy your life and accepts you as a citizen. Some countries treat online casino players like criminals, while others welcome them with open arms.

As a result of this, we provide you with a list of the best and worst countries to live in as an online casino player.

Our winner is – Malta.

While we told you we would only mention five online casinos, it wouldn’t have been fair to ignore Malta’s massive influence in the iGaming world. Malta has the best casino licenses in Europe, granted by the Malta Gambling Authority, and the country is home to some of the best casinos in the world.

The most important online casino companies and operators worldwide are based in Malta because the country allows operators to operate there. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the importance of online casinos in Malta. If you live in Malta, not only do you have the opportunity to work for one of the best iGaming companies in the world, but you also have the chance to play some of the best casino games in the world as the MGA approves them.

You can get many of the best bonuses globally, including exclusive no deposit bonuses and the best casino bonuses ever in Malta. Make the most of your time as a Maltese player and discover the world of rewards that await you in this fantastic casino environment!

Malta: Yes, Malta, the island nation that very few people (except poker players) can probably find on a map. This jewel in the Mediterranean Sea is also a gambler’s paradise. Poker is not tax-free, but the good news is that taxes can be low and online gambling is explicitly regulated and legal (Halle-freakin-lujah).

So why is Malta the winner on our list?

Online poker is legal
The internet is fast and cheap
Access to all forms of payment processing, e-wallets, deposits, and withdrawals
Generally, low cost of living compared to the rest of Europe
Mild climate
English is also spoken here (thank you, British Empire?)
You don’t need a car if you live in St. Julians or Sliema
Sea views and beaches
Pubs on every corner
Good food and restaurant options
200 other gambling companies have an office there


Malta is super small; there’s not much to do except poker and swim (compared to other EU countries). There are fewer international flights than the bigger airports in Europe, the Schengen visa for Americans lasts a maximum of 90 days. Despite open regulation, it’s ironically a pain to open a bank account.


The Canadian government has long been regarded as a beacon of freedom in the West and worldwide. Therefore, it is no surprise that Canada is also one of the First World countries with the most lenient gambling laws, allowing citizens to perform all sorts of tasks and activities within the country.

Oddly enough, the country does not issue a license for online gambling, which means that players have to visit online casinos abroad to spend their time in the world of iGaming. This is not a problem because Canadian players can spend their time at the best online casinos in the world without getting into trouble. The government even encourages them to do so.

Players can visit casinos from abroad if they want to. Canadian players usually have few problems with payments, either. Although online casinos rarely make direct deposits into players’ bank accounts, Canadian players can rest assured that their money can be moved using the world’s most popular credit cards. As a Canadian, you can also visit online casinos that accept PayPal, as the service is fully approved in the northern country.

The best casinos in Canada are usually known for their extensive range of games, the bonuses are among the best in the world, and visiting online casinos is free as long as you live in Canada. It’s a great place to see if you like to spend your time playing online games!

Vancouver, Canada: Overall, Canada currently has one minor flaw: no access to Neteller or Skrill. Too bad, we know. Also, online gambling is a grey area, and there are rumors that some companies are pulling out of beloved Canada. So far, that hasn’t happened, but it would undoubtedly be devastating if it did. In the meantime, we can’t deny that living in.

Vancouver as a global destination is simply outstanding:

Extremely high standard of living
High internet speeds/reliable infrastructure
Amazing food options
Good public transport
Good international flight schedules
Loads of Casinos
Stanley Park, nature, hiking, boating
Whistler (enough said)
Close to the USA
Stay up to 180 days per year (for most western passport holders)
English speaking
Diverse population – you won’t be the only ex-pat here
It’s just great


The cost of living is high, limited deposit and withdrawal options for non-Canadians, foreign exchange fees, and gloomy weather (most of the time).


Ireland is known for its iconic pubs, warm people, leprechauns, and betting. Although Ireland separated from the UK almost a century ago, they share the same love of gambling and help UK gamblers with ways to avoid the Gamstop self-exclusion and offshore casino operators. Fortunately, gambling income is exempt from tax. Translation: zero taxes, mate!

The capital Dublin hosts a large number of gambling clubs if you want to play some live games. However, Dublin is an expensive city where rent is a more significant part of your income. If you move to the northern counties, you can cut the cost of rent by half and still benefit from access to rural life.

In Ireland, you can open a bank account even if you don’t live in Ireland. Many banks will accept a utility bill or bank statement. However, some banks require non-residents to provide two proofs of address and even a character reference. Compared to all the benefits of living in this beautiful country, it’s well worth the effort.


Romania is commonly associated with vampires, but it’s home to the warmest and most party-loving people you’ll ever see, incredible scenery, great food, and one of the best internet connections in the world.

There is a gambling tax, but it’s deficient in Romania and affordable for low-stakes online gamblers. It is only 1% on all winnings under €15,000, with live players only taxed on winnings over €15,000.

Opening an account can take some time, as Romanian banks have some strict guidelines in this regard. The most common and (mandatory) requirements for foreigners are:

Tax residence
Employment contract/salary slips
Proof of address (utility bills, tenancy agreement)
Previous bank statements

If you can overcome all these hurdles, you can save money because Romania is a great place to live on a budget. The capital, Bucharest, not only has excellent casinos and exciting nightlife, but it’s also slightly more expensive than the rest of the country.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most well-known countries globally when it comes to online gambling. British gamblers are among the most passionate and dedicated worldwide, and iGaming has become a big part of British culture in recent years.

With such a high profile for online gambling, it is not surprising that the government places great importance on the safety of its citizens when gambling online. This is demonstrated by the international prominence of the UKGC, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which has become one of the most important regulators in the world of iGaming. If you want to know whether an online casino is reliable or not, you should check its licenses. If you see a permit issued by the UKGC, you can play with your eyes closed on this site. Reliability is not an issue if the UK government allows you to play there. So online gambling is entirely legal and regulated by the UKGC itself.

You can visit many of the world’s most famous casinos if you live in the UK. The popularity of the world’s best online casinos is often very high in the UK, making the best UK casinos some of the best in the world. Did you know? Microgaming is headquartered in the Isle of Man, in the United Kingdom. One of the world’s most famous casino games developers is based in the UK!

Everyone knows this because one of the few countries (if not the only one?) explicitly does not tax online or live gambling winnings. Gamblers from near and far move to the UK for this very reason. If you can afford the cost of living, it’s a great place to live.
Some of the reasons are:

Gambling of all kinds is expressly legal, yay.
Airports: London is within striking distance of several international airports, which means you have cheap flights and plenty of options to fit your schedule. Heathrow is one of the busiest hubs in the world. You can get in and out whenever you want.
Living in the 1st World: Britain has long been one of the world’s superpowers. Whatever you want, you can find it here.
Internet: Not the best in the world, but indeed good enough for online poker. Reasonable price.
Tourist visas are available for most Western countries for up to 6 months, and the city is not part of the Schengen area (90-day limit).
Restaurants that give NYC a run for its money
Culture: Never a dull moment
It’s relatively safe in this area
EPT London, casinos
Bank accounts in several currencies


Hungary is a jewel in its own right. It is the country with the most Nobel Prizes and Olympic medals in the world. It has more than a thousand natural hot springs and some of the best and cheapest wines you’ll ever taste. Expatriates looking for a low price and a high standard of living can have this for less than half the cost they spend in their home countries.

Hungarians are very keen gamblers compared to international customers, so it will be easy to make friends or get an invitation to a game. Online gamblers will not be disappointed, as there are no taxes and the internet is available practically everywhere in the capital Budapest. Just go to a café or shopping mall to get free access.

To open an account, most banks require a valid residence permit and an address card. Other banks allow foreigners to open an account if they show their passports. Just ask around and take a reliable person who knows Hungarian with you before you run into a wall.

Budapest, Hungary: Unusual, isn’t it? We bet you didn’t see this coming. Hungary is located in Eastern Europe and is a beautiful place to live because:

Low cost of living compared to most Western European countries.
Great selection of affordable rental properties
Decent infrastructure and internet speeds
A small city with urban flair
Great food
Beautiful women
The small but strong poker community
Part of the EU-Schengen area
Central location to the rest of Europe (in case you win the EPT packages)
Relatively foreigner-friendly banking options


Regulation has been on the table in recent years, and there have been some changes and questions about legality. So far, not much has changed from a player’s perspective, but that could change at any time. Get it while you can. PS: Hungarian is a challenging language to learn.


It is always a popular destination for a cheap holiday. Bulgaria has plenty of natural beauty for online players to stretch their legs: Mountains, beautiful national parks, and the sunny beaches of the Black Sea. The capital Sofia has one of the fastest, most stable, and cheapest internet connections in Europe, so a delay in winnings should be an act of Bad Luck rather than an internet company problem.

Access to banking is super easy, and you don’t have to be a resident to have one: Bring your passport, valid proof of residence (utility bills, rental agreement), and your money.

Remember that most banks (and companies) speak Bulgarian, and the contract is written in the same language. Always ask a trusted companion to help you with this.

Czech Republic

What would be your definition of paradise? In the case of the Czech Republic, it’s when beer is cheaper than water. You’re surrounded by the beauty of its Gothic architects or the natural charm of its beautiful women. When there’s no tax on your gambling winnings, when you play live or online or when there are more than 180 casinos, and when the European Poker Tour stops here. Its capital, Praga, has become one of the fastest-growing centers for digital nomads.

All you need at most banks to cash out or save your gambling winnings are your passport, another valid ID like your driver’s license, and cash.

However, there is only one condition in this paradise country: If you receive any financial support from the government or file for bankruptcy, you are expressly forbidden to gamble online.


Sweden is one of the most well-known gambling markets in the world. Swedish casinos are often among the best globally, as many of the leading casino developers are based in Sweden itself.

As one of the most accessible countries to play casino games, Sweden has a thriving gambling industry regulated by national authorities. However, since June 2020, there have been some restrictions on gambling in Sweden. The global pandemic has prompted the government to enact new laws to protect Swedish citizens from overspending at online casinos, including bonuses. By 2020, Swedish players will no longer claim bonuses that exceed €10 in value. They will also only be allowed to deposit €500 per week, as higher deposits have been shown to lead to a higher risk of addiction.

Despite these changes, Sweden remains one of the most important gambling markets globally, and players residing in the country can still play in the best online casinos in the world. That probably gives you an idea of how accessible the Swedish market was! The culture of gambling in Sweden goes back centuries and will not disappear in the future. Now you need to pay a little more attention if you want to gamble in the Nordic country!


Finnish online casinos are top-rated and frequently visited by Finnish citizens. While the country has some regulations that don’t allow anyone to place their bets as freely as in other countries, players from Finland often find that many of the biggest casinos in the world have fantastic bonuses and even offer Finnish translations if they wish.

The government has a state-controlled monopoly imposed on all forms of gambling and all websites in the country. This makes it very difficult for online casinos to gain a foothold in Finland, and the availability of some games is also somewhat limited for players. Nevertheless, many of the world’s biggest online casinos have been licensed to operate in Finland.

Finnish players can enjoy exclusive bonuses and try out some of the best games in the industry by using the free ash they receive. Every Finnish player is entitled to take advantage of the best casino promotions in the world. Just make sure that the online casino you visit is licensed in Finland.

In the worst case, you’ll have to find another site that suits your needs. Some only block the claiming of bonuses, while other online casinos are stricter and do not allow players to register and play from Finland. Despite these restrictions, Finland is one of the best places in the world to bet online.

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