The best live casino games and live dealer sites

In the live dealer casinos online, you will now find classic live casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or poker and exciting live game shows such as Monopoly, Crazy Time, or Mega Ball.

Real croupiers and gaming tables are transmitted via live stream from the casino so that you can experience an atmosphere like in a casino. Here we explain how live casino games work and compare the best live casinos.

How do live games work?

Enjoy the excitement of playing in a casino from the comfort of your own home with live casino games. These games are streamed live from a casino, and you will be virtually seated at a table. You can also chat with other players and croupiers, just like in a real casino. Dress codes are no longer a concern, and you can experience the convenience and thrill of live casino gaming.

How to play live-stream casino games?

If you have decided to play live-stream casino games online, you must go to the live casino lobby and choose a game. In doing so, you will be offered many different tables to make your live casino experience as enjoyable as possible. Thus, you can determine your gaming table according to the desired betting amount and choose the most sympathetic croupier.

How do Classic Games work in the Live Casino?

Live casinos often use cards in blackjack and baccarat that have a magnetic chip which the dealer swipes using a reader. This electronically detects the card being dealt in front of the player’s eyes, making it compatible with the online casino game. Similarly, in roulette, sensors located within the compartments of the pot transmit the number on which the ball thrown by the dealer rests to the virtual system.

How do Live Casino Game Shows work?

Live Casino Game Shows are the new generation of live dealer casino games. The success of live casino game shows is based on the entertaining combination of live casino games and game show elements. In these games, the sexy live dealer hosts a game show allowing you to bet on different actions. Some of the most popular game shows include Monopoly, Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal, and more.

Special features and tips

Strategically, playing online in a live casino is no different from playing in a casino. However, live casino games are quite costly for the online casino. For this reason, you cannot find free trial games at live casino games.

Live dealer casinos are nevertheless much cheaper than in a casino and stakes usually start from 50 cents to 1 dollar.

A special feature in the live casino, however, is that the live dealer interprets, for example, a prolonged silence as a “no” when it comes to deciding whether another card should be drawn and may pass you over in the further dealing of cards in this hand. Playing with a real dealer has its rhythm. Take the time to figure out the subtleties.

What are the differences between live dealer games and other online casino games?

Gameplay and rules are no different in live casino games than in automated variants. However, the betting levels vary, and overall, the game is a bit quieter as there are pauses for shuffling the cards, and you have to wait until all players have placed their bets. In addition, live dealer games offer a more realistic casino atmosphere than the games against the computer.

What do you need for live dealer casino games?

A reliable and fast internet connection is the most important thing for playing live dealer casinos online. The modern live streaming technology of the games requires an average transfer rate of at least 750 kilobytes, better yet, 1 megabyte per second, to transmit high-quality videos. Moreover, you can play live dealer games only after registering and wagering real money.

Is it safe to play in live casinos?

Yes, live dealer casino games are no different from other games regarding security. Independent institutions regularly audited Live dealer players for fairness and safety. As a result, you can safely play with live dealers in reputable online casinos for real money.

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